Installing Bitcart SDK

Simply run

pip install bitcart

to install the library.

But to initialize bitcoin instance you will need rpc_url, rpc_login and rpc_password (not required, defaults work with default ports and authentification). For that you’ll need Bitcart daemon, so:

git clone
cd bitcart
pip install -r requirements/base.txt
pip install -r requirements/daemons/btc.txt

Everywhere here coin_name refers to coin you’re going to run or use, COIN_NAME is the same name but in caps. For example if you run bitcoin, coin_name=btc, COIN_NAME=BTC, for litecoin coin_name=ltc, COIN_NAME=LTC.

Run pip install -r requirements/daemons/coin_name.txt to install requirements for daemon of coin_name.

This will clone main Bitcart repo and install dependencies, we recommend using virtualenv for consistency(some daemons conflict one with another, so using one virtualenv per daemon is fine).

To run daemon, just start it:

python daemons/

Or, to run it in background(linux only)

python daemons/ &

Note, to run a few daemons, use python daemons/ for each coin_name.

Default user is electrum and password is electrumz, it runs on http://localhost:5000. To run daemon in other network than mainnet, set COIN_NAME_NETWORK variable to network name (testnet, regtest). By default, if coin supports it, lightning network is enabled. To disable it, set COIN_NAME_LIGHTNING to false. For each daemon port is different. General scheme to get your daemon url is http://localhost:port Where port is the port your daemon uses. You can change port and host by using COIN_NAME_HOST and COIN_NAME_PORT env variables. Default ports are starting from 5000 and increase for each daemon by 1 (in order how they were added to Bitcart). Refer to main docs for ports information. Bitcoin port is 5000, litecoin is 5001, etc. So, to initialize your Bitcart instance right now, import it and use those settings:

from bitcart import BTC
btc = BTC(xpub="your (x/y/z)pub or (x/y/z)prv or electrum seed")

All the variables are actually optional, so you can just do btc = BTC() and use it, but without a wallet. To use a wallet, pass xpub like so: btc = BTC(xpub="your x/y/zpub or x/y/zprv or electrum seed") Xpub, xprv or electrum seed is the thing that represents your wallet. You can get it from your wallet provider, or, for testing or not, from here.

You can configure default user and password in conf/.env file of cloned bitcart repo, like so:


After that you can freely use bitcart methods, refer to API docs for more information.